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Baby's Grasp

Looking for Lactation Support?

Together we will make a plan to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. I will provide you with evidence-based tools and support to help you face any challenges that arise. Some issues you may want to discuss include:

  • positioning and latch      

  • engorgement                    

  • plugged ducts                   

  • oversupply     

  • low milk supply                   

  • pumping routines            

  • infant weight loss/slow weight gain  

  • sore nipples

  • mastitis

  • preterm babies

  • going back to work

  • introducing a bottle, bottle refusal

  • Supplementation

  • Difficulty breastfeeding a previous baby

  • History of breast surgery

  • Anything else!

Michal was an amazing resource for me at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey. She provided me with everything that I needed to know about breastfeeding, and carefully listened to my many questions without any judgment. My son is now 7-weeks old and breastfeeding is a comfortable and connected experience for the two of us.


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